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September 02, 2005

I had the opportunity this weekend to taste some fabulous Pomerol and Vouvray wines. Also picked up the word 'fabulous', sounds so much better than 'nice' doesn't it?

The chance to taste Chateau Petrus 1986 and Le Fleur Petrus made me break the bank a little but it was worth it. The food at the Park Hyatt hotel were the function was held was overwhelming for my Afrikaans palate and Italian food lover. I am not sure that the Vouvray went with the basil dominated desert but it certainly went with the herbaceous red wines.

The food was fusion deluxe and had me so confused that someone had to help me decipher the menu :-) Although all around me the Le Fleur Petrus was declared the favourite I have never experienced a nose on wine like the Petrus, totally out of this world with fruit flavours not common to red wine as I know it. The balance and elegance of all the Pomerol's were amazing even the more fruit dominated ones were fantastic. I will give you a full update of what was tasted and my tasting notes next week or maybe tomorrow if I get a chance.

A few of them did remind me of some SA wines though and thus my wine of the week has to be;
Cederberg Cabernet Sauvignon-fruit driven yet fantastically elegant from the SA West Coast
De Toren Fusion V- A blend of Bordeaux varieties fused to perfection, smooth and elegant. Voted one of the best red blends in the world.

Event of the week- must be the inaugural Soweto wine festival, the first of it's kind in the Townships of SA.

Happy drinking and remember life's too short to drink bad wine!

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