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August 26, 2005

How much wine do you consume? Are you the reason why beer is the best selling drink in most New World countries? Don't you know it's good for you to drink wine?

I read an insert on the website recently which states that wine has now become bigger than spirits in the UK due to the spending power and emancipation of women (thought we were 'emancipated' a while ago already-my mistake) but way to go UK! Maybe it's because you can have a fairly decent glass of wine in any bar in the UK whereas in South Africa- a wine producing country- this is still an unknown phenomenon, not to even speak about wine bars, non-existent virtually. Maybe that's why our wines barely get mentioned in international wine books especially when pairing them with food, surprise, we also eat in SA and our food is damn good.

Someone asked me again today how to learn about food and wine combining, such a difficult subject and like wine itself you will only learn through experience but can start by buying a good book on the subject. Browse through the selection and see what you like, read the reviews it might save you some money in the long run. Try something in the Mitchell Beasley series to start. Then start at home by smelling all foods and combining them with wines that have similar flavours and are similar in body, heavy food with a heavy wine.

Food Match of the Week-Try Pinotage with Bobotie, if you don't know what Bobotie is please drop me a line and I will give you the recipe. Fantastic mince dish from Cape Malay origin.

Wine of the week-Teddy hall Chenin Blanc selling for around R32 you can find info on his website,

Wine Function of the week-Cape Wine makers Guild Pre-Auction tasting, if in Johannesburg don't miss this one, best wines in the country. Check out their website on

Please leave me questions and comments, at least it will look as if someone is reading this blog!

Happiness in wine


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  1. Hi Maud,

    Don't stop blogging. There are too few of us Serth Efricans doing it as it is... especially in the wine field.

    I like your '... of the week' recommendations. I suggest keeping them as a regular feature.

    Also, comments are rare for even the most prolific bloggers - don't let the lack of them discourage you. It might, however, help to enable anonymous posts for your blog (forced registration is a big deterrent).

    Q: Are you based in Jo'burg?

    - Lorenzo



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