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September 17, 2005

Hi there

Life is looking bright and the 2005 vintage Sauvignon Blanc from SA are fabulous. Lots of fruit again for a change, not too austere and more palatable than last year if your inclined to finish the bottle on your own. 2004 S/Blanc were more food driven and hard to consume copious amounts off when alone.

Wine of the week-Tasted a really good red wine on Tuesday which even complimented the pickled fish if you can believe that! It's called Terrace Bay 2001 from Vergenoegd and made by John Faure also a Cape Winemakers Guild member. Retails at around R65 a bottle. Their Cabernet 2000 astounded me, it was so smooth and velvety it could have come from Pomerol! Try it you won't be sorry.

We are having a fine tasting tonight with some Alsace, Pomerol, Marlborough and CWG Auction wines and even an Ernie Els. Sorry you can't be there, our wine club still has space for around 4 people for any interested parties. Can't give you too much info on the wine as it's a blind tasting!

Upcoming wine events
1 October- Saturday A Chardonnay and Pinot Noir Exclusive at Makro Centurion from 10.30am-1.30pm
5 October-Wednesday BIG wine festival at Makro Centurion- Over 200 wines to be tasted.
6 October- Thursday A fabulous gourmet dinner with actress Illse Roos and her family wine farm Mooiplaas at the new country venue, Robert Broom Restaurant. Tickets are limited. Call 082 809 3454 to book.
26-28 October- Winex, JHB's biggest wine show with over 300 wine farms! Not to be missed, takes place in Sandton at the Convention Centre across from Sandton square, tickets through computicket.

Question? What is the oldest wine you have ever had? Red and White?
For me the oldest white is Gaston-Huet Vouvray 1924 and the oldest red was probably around 1970 or so. Both fantastic. Drinking older wines teaches you so much more about wine and the way it is a living product that evolves in the bottle. Try it, keep one or buy something old if you can find it.


  1. Hmm... I don't think I've ever tasted anything older than 1978 or so. Not that I can remember what it was off the top of my head.

    Yesterday I went to Wine Concepts' Organic Food Festival here in Newlands, Cape Town. It was a relatively low-key affair with Fairview, Paul Cluver and Flagstone among others showing off their unusual/biodynamic wine wares.

    The food stands were also quite interesting - one vendor had a particularly appealing chilli jam. Unfortunately, that threw a spanner in the works when it came to tasting wines. I should've known better - I guess my Portuguese predisposition for hot-stuff got the better of me.

    All-in-all a thoroughly enjoyable event.

    This week: WineX at the CTICC. Minus the stand, so I get to roam around freely for a change. =D Hope you enjoy the one in Jozie.


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  3. Hi Maud,
    Great site. Keep the info rolling ...

    As far as recording the oldest wine that you have drunk is concerned, Would be better to record the age of the wine. e.g. You may have drunk a 1970 wine in 1980 and that would then be ten years old. If drunk in 2005 it would be 25 years old. How do you like my maths? good eh?

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