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August 11, 2007

Wine in Parys-I have been coming to Parys my entire life. Literally, as I was born in the local hospital. The fact that I was born here is maybe ironic, as Paris-France is translated into Afrikaans as Parys. So I was born in a town that translates into something French, and alas, I do love French wine.
So, it was with great pleasure that I saw a wine tasting being advertised as I drove into town on my way to my dad's house. I didn't waste any time to visit the website ASAP.
Different restaurants along the Vaal River were presenting some fine wine indeed. And the two I visited had some damn fine food as well. The wines I tasted included a Haute Cabriere Pinot Noir, De Wets Hof Pinot Noir (both, in my view very bad examples of Pinot Noir), Morkel-a host of their wines, but man, the Atticus is damn good! Another two wines that impressed me was, Meinert Merlot (as always) and the Grande Provence Cabernet-must be old clone, loads of mint, absolutely fab! The De Wetshof Sauvignon Blanc was damn fine as well, totally overpowering all that comes after it.
If you have never been to Parys, it used to be a dusty old town with nothing happening for a hundred miles, but with the development of the Vredefort Koepel as a World Heritage site, and the Nicky Price Golf Course that's on its way, this sleepy riverside town is hip and happening, although i would still recommend having some hip and happening friends accompanying you!
Favourite restaurants-O's-great view of the river and Feast, very modern, nice food and goodies (bought some great herbal tea).
See the wine route map for directions. Close to JHB. Wine tasting on till 19 August 2007 from 12:00 till 18:00, every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday. Plenty Guesthouses.

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