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April 25, 2007

Wine in your blood or rather blood made from wine- I guess that would be a good description of my love of wine. If it's in your blood it stays there. My current job has zero to do with wine, drinking on the job is certainly not a good idea and will seriously impair your ability to be successful, as with most jobs I suppose. Yet I am looking for ways to talk about wine, teach people about wine and the great thing is, people love to listen. As everybody wants to learn more about wine who has ever had an impressionable wine pass their lips. Wine inherently has a sense of mystery about it, a little like a woman I guess, just when u think u know them well, they change.
In South Africa our wine consumption per capita is declining steadily and a recent reader poll of Wine Magazine found that they would like to see the SA wine market grow rather than have exports grow. How many of those people are actively promoting wine consumption in SA? Start a social wine club at your house, organise a wine function for charity and so much more. Just think of the jobs we will create and the visibility it will give our wines, not to mention the fun you will have.
Wine farms need to find more inventive ways to market their products, the traditional methods of advertising are stale and boring. We have a huge and untapped market ready for business, but scared to buy, as the very purchase itself is intimidating!
So go out there and advertise the very product you love so much as it could only improve the quality of that which you love to drink.

Happy drinking.


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