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November 14, 2006

Why do we drink wine? I don't like being drunk. I like being relaxed but not drunk. Two small children and a big car to drive home, not worth it! But I looove wine. I love the smell of wine, the taste of elegance and finesse in good reds and the velvety smoothness of a well made Rioja, Pinot Noir or a superior blend, like the CWG Auction Shiraz from Bredell. (Making myself thirsty here :-)

So how do you drink great wine and not get drunk. You stay home! Or you choose quality over quantity and savor every sip. And this is exactly where my problem lies with South African wine drinkers in general. They want to guzzle volume and compromise on quality. And probably most other wine drinkers the world over.

There is nothing better than savouring a good sip of wine. Smelling the wine, ooooh nothing better than a good nose on wine-Pinot Noir comes to mind! Your mouth watering from the very first sip. The flavour lingering in your mouth, and your tastebuds tingling. And your stomach crying out for good food! Most amazing is how a good wine improves with every sip and improves ten fold when matched with the right food.

I would rather have a beer than drink bad wine, and have done so often at weddings or functions with shocking wine options.

So, moral of the story, remain sober, drink slowly and drink well made wine.

Why do u drink wine?

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