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October 18, 2006

Pinot Noir-Apparently this is the grape variety most commonly featured in blogs. No wonder, who does not want to wax lyrical about Pinot Noir? Ok some of you might prefer the more robust flavours of Syrah or the more tannic structures of Cabernet, but for me their is only one love. I have come to realize that I love to taste good wine, like we all do but alas, I prefer to drink Pinot Noir. Even bad Pinot is better than most other wines. I recently had a bottle of Chamonix Pinot Noir 2002, although not bad and very drinkable , it had a little too much ripe fruit which crippled the elegance but otherwise a fine drink (R54 at Bootleggers Fourways). I also bought a bottle of Fryers Cove Pinot Noir but have as yet not had a chance to sample it. This is from the new area, Bamboes Bay, and it would make an interesting addition to an appellation tasting of SA Pinot Noir wines. As far as I know they are in a cooler climate similar to those of Bouchard Finlayson and Hamilton Russell. The Fryers Cove is very well priced, only R71 retail.

Talking about Bouchard Finlayson, the 2004 vintage is to die for. Recently went to a tasting at a restaurant in Sandton and loved it! I have subsequently ordered some for home consumption and yum! It was also interesting to note that if you cannot finish the bottle (or for that matter the second bottle) the same night, it keeps very well and improved dramatically on the second night and was still good on the third night (sorry, slow drinker, small children and all!). Probably due to the excellent vinification methods used and the use of oak that preserves the wine well even once opened.

Well, all I can say, if you haven't yet had Pinot Noir, buy some now! It's not for everyone but if you have a keen sense of smell, you will never forget the delicate flavours of a good bottle of Pinot.

Happy drinking!

PS If you haven't watched the movie Sideways yet, rent the DVD and get a bottle of Pinot!

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