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November 17, 2005

how to organise a winetasting-First you will need to divide your wines into flights of two to four, depending on the amount of glasses you have. Analyze your guests a little bit, how sofisticated are your guests when it comes to tasting wine? Are they wine snobs or everyday drinkers? Try and stick to known varieties and maybe put one unusual variety in to prick their interest. The internet is a fantastic source to search info for wineries and maps are usually provided. Remember to keep the food you are serving in mind as a strong curry will totally overpower your wines. If the wines are very old keep your food as simple as possible. Decanting very tannic wines and tasting all wines for corktaint is also a very good idea. Having a corked wine can be a bonus as you can teach your guests if they don't already know what a corked wines taste like.

Then, glasses. Do you need to rinse them after every wine. I do not believe in rinsing glasses as it is more harmful to a wine to have it mixed by water. If you have very strongly flavoured/high sugar/tannic wines, rinsing your glass and mouth might be a good idea. Oldest wine first and strong powerful wines last, sweet and fruitiest wines after that. Try to taste red before white as it's very beneficial to your palate. Sauvignon blanc is a great palate cleanser.

Make notes and keep them in a file for future reference.

Drink and enjoy.


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